Monday, 20 October 2014

Love is....

Heart Chakra Balancing

October has been an interesting month for a lot of us. Not only has the weather here in Sydney been out of balance, but we're also in the midst of a mad season of eclipses in the lovely astro sign of Libra.

Yes the energies are all quite shaken and stirred of late!

Also, have you noticed that friends are splitting up, or people you thought would always be single have suddenly surprised you with word that they're eloping? So, what's happening when the scales tip in relationships during these erratic times? And have you been sensing the need for change in some part of your life? Maybe you've noticed that your feelings about establishing new intimate partnership are triggering a sense of fear, and you're keen to explore what it is that has you stuck?

For those of you not very familiar with the concept of our energetic bodies, maybe you have noticed some kind of 'shift' in your psyche? Are you tired of feeling like something is holding you back from experiencing the greatest love of your life?

When we've been living in a way that isn't really serving us - such as, doing the same thing time and again and it clearly isn't working - we stop and think long and hard. Soon enough, subtle messages emerge - or our marriage ends/girlfriend #5 tells you that you're not very demonstrative with feelings/boyfriend # 3 withdraws then disappears altogether with your best friend...yes, ugly stuff but you get the picture; there's a pattern!

Many of us have an idea of what a harmonious, sexually exciting & healthy relationship should be like, however it may play out in a way that is most detrimental to these beliefs. Subconscious values may exist in the shadow side of our ego. Once aware of these hidden aspects we can allow the dysfunctional behaviour to reveal itself  - no longer masking the personality that truly defines us. It's known as duality, and once in alignment we may find that the heart begins to open up more fully - more prepared to experience the feelings of unconditional love.

Have you been reflecting back and realising that your relationships have been shallow, lacking in real intimacy?  Do you feel worthless or fear rejection? Are you still recovering from abandonment or low self esteem?

Relationships are always going to be at the core of our existence, and to live more passionately takes courage. We must seek out the disharmony and give it space to be revealed, validated and healed.

Are you ready for change? Well, this is most certainly the ideal time to make it happen, so give me a call to chat about experiencing a chakra healing session. Check in on the page link in my website for more information.

In the meantime, see below for a couple of soothing heart chakra mantra and meditations to gently ease you onto the path.

Namaste and happy full moon Scorpio eclipse season!
Taryn x

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Touch & Tantric Sexual Healing

A portal into divine intimacy & blissful, healing orgasm

Ø  Did you know?
ü  In our daily interactions, non-verbal communication is already happening – it’s called energy (or vibrations)
ü  Women especially are quick to pick up on and decode the vibrations created when we are touched
ü  Our skin is the biggest and most sensitive organ in the body – not our genitals
ü  We are put off in our society about the stigma associated with being ‘touchy-feely’, thanks to the inherent issues pertaining to sexual abusers

Ø  What does this all mean?

In general, we are wired by society & its beliefs to evaluate and recoil at being touched.

Touching is a natural human response to an inner knowing that communicates our need for nurturing. Research has concluded that touch has the capacity to communicate at a deeper level and is significantly quicker in resonating messages with those we come into physical contact with.

At the University of Illinois, psychologist Michael Kraus tracked physical contact between teammates during NBA games and found that touch predicted better performance. “As with our primate relatives, who strengthen social bonds by grooming each other, in humans, touch strengthens relationships and is a marker of closeness,” he says. (Psychology Today, March/April 2013 p58).

“When you stimulate the pressure receptors in the skin, you lower stress hormones. At the same time, warm touch stimulates release of the ‘cuddle hormone,’ oxytocin, which enhances a sense of trust and attachment.” (Touch Research Institute)

Another example is one of the first and most important - a mother’s touch. Babies sleep better and have an increased sense of sociability.

By embracing tactile sensory cues within a therapeutic interaction, we can build a deeper sense of connection. The surface impact of sensations on the skin transposes the fundamentally basic skill of thinking, which equates to a psychological state of deducting and evaluating our responses. With touch we transport an immediate sense of safety, softness & care – even love.

Ø  How does this equate to sexual touching and the importance of mindful, conscious touch?

Many of us learn the language of love via tactile touch when growing up. However once we become sexually active we often undertake our own journey toward learning what feels good, what feels safe and who makes us feel ecstatic. But sometimes if we don’t have strong boundaries, or if this has been corrupted in some way, we may disown our physical bodies. By this I mean we can shut down the sensory perception of what feels good because it is now programmed to equate with something bad – or wrong. This then adds to feelings of low self-esteem (poor body image) which mean that we’re no longer allowing the deeper vibrational resonance of touch to reach our brain. Sexual abuse (which may consist of many actions such as being inappropriately touched by a teacher when we are developing breasts, or pinned up against a wall by a sexed up boy who then sticks his fingers into your knickers), can have a deep, traumatic and long lasting impact on a woman’s capacity to build intimacy in relationships.

Women want to enjoy sex, but their main problem usually stems from experiencing unconscious feelings of guilt and shame. Add to this the religious stigma that many grew up with, and we have a huge area of untapped pleasure that lays dormant. This is why it is so valuable for a person to become aware (conscious) of these feelings by owning them and then recalibrating – ejecting old thoughts, beliefs and experiences out; to be dispersed within a greater energetic plane (chakra clearing). Also, we need to re-evaluate the idealism that sexual performance equals satisfaction. For men, this has been an ongoing battle with the ego mind especially. However, women are also prone to dive into a sexual dalliance with a view to please her partner at the expense of her own pleasure. In order to achieve greater, more transformative and fulfilling love-making, sex needs to begin with one’s own needs being met within the merging of two entities (yin-yang, masculine-feminine energy, the physical body).

Women’s sexual Issues may include;

·        No orgasms

·        No sensations during intercourse

·        Fear of intimacy (as in, not being able to let go of sexual shaming – or trust issues)

·        Birthing trauma

·        Sexual abuse (even mild emotional bullying) leading to sensitivity & detachment

·        Cervical & breast cancer recovery

·        Menopausal

Ø  Is it really worth bothering to achieve orgasm?

 Yes indeed it is!

Having an orgasm is a wonderful gift for the human body. It enhances all of our sensory functions and can have a profound benefit in supporting sexual health. Often women ask me what an orgasm is, and how is a Tantric experience different, and I explain that whilst both are most pleasurable and desired, a general orgasm – whether built up by gentle clitoral stimulation,  arousal or penetration - is often short lived and sensed mainly within the genitals, whereas a Tantric sexual experience of orgasm involves the whole body. Tantric sex is a holistic organic event, fluctuating between mind-body-spirit & energy experiences lasting for hours if not days!

To benefit from a tantric orgasm, the shakti (rising ‘kundalini’ energy) needs to engage with each of the chakras (energy wheels) within the subtle (deeper, invisible) body as it ascends the spinal cord before reaching the brain – activating our sympathetic nervous system involving the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which commands the changes that benefits our sexual health.

Frequent and powerful orgasms increase the level of the orgasm hormone, oxytocin. The oxytocin level is linked to the personality, passion, social skills and emotions affecting how we interact and build relationships. Orgasms are very beneficial for sexual health because they empower us in every way!

Ø  Sold! Where do I begin?

The first thing that I highly recommend is for individuals to begin by exploring their own unique physical body. Often, albeit unconsciously, we may gently caress our own skin by rubbing our shoulders or gently touching our own face. This has the capacity to enhance our sense of calmness and can keep our heart rates low. Hugs are divinely rewarding not only for the receiver, but also for the giver, and I like to encourage everyone to feel comfortable about asking for a hug.

Ø  What if you’re not so bold, or single?

Remember that cute scene from “When Harry met Sally”? Again, when there is tension in the body, there is anxiety and lack of self-care, so in my sessions I encourage the person to close their eyes and ‘feel’ into their body. Ask yourself, where do I feel the most sensitive?  What makes me feel aroused? How can I voice my desire? When will I know I’m ready to be touched? How long does it take me to feel totally relaxed enough? What do I like the most? Where is my most erotic, erogenous spot?

This is what it means to be conscious, and to know confidently when you’re ready to be touched in a more sexual and vibrant way. Eye to eye contact is beneficial in upholding a fully present connection between lovers, but it is the capacity to fully immerse oneself into the energy of sensual touching that evokes a more passionate and breathtaking experience of sex. Tantric practice incorporates more body awareness by being fully aware of each breath, which is often supported within a transpersonal platform enhanced via meditation.

Once all of the senses are engaged, the skin is encased with a flush of rich, nourishing blood and the body is expanding through the vibrational experience of ecstasy. This, gorgeous lovers, is what I mean by Tantric Sex- and what true intimacy is when at play!


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