Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blissfull Bodywork the Tantric Way

What are the benefits of experiencing tantric 'somatic' bodywork?

This and many of my other sessions are listed across my website masthead, but in the meantime here's an overview at your fingertips...

*surrender * pleasure * sexual healing * leisure * love * nurturing * sublime

Tantric bodywork is an immensely arousing, relaxing, restorative & integrative experience, and one that I feel privileged to offer as I bear witness to the pleasure and joy that unfolds! Here's a few reasons people are drawn to this experience.

You feel uninspired or lacking in vitality.
You feel lonely & vulnerable.
You lack confidence & self esteem.
You're unable to experience orgasm during sex.
Your life lacks the depth of intimacy you've always hoped for.
You are looking to awaken your senses and dive deeper into feelings of bliss.
Quietly you are suffering from sexual dysfunction or illness.

Or, maybe you simply wish to ENJOY a blissful escape from stress!

No matter what you're feeling, now that you've landed here, I'm sure that you're keen to learn even more about how this sublime, transcendental session can enhance your whole life.

As a trained Tantrika and passionate body worker combining my own 'mindful qi touch technique' it is my honour to take you on a somatic sensory journey by first introducing a transcendental state of calmness & comfort. Once you've settled into the practice of peaceful surrender via meditation & breath, the process of body relaxation begins with the easing of energy gently up through your spine. Beginning from the base (root chakra), slowly the energy is encouraged to flow through up into your heart space. By guiding you into a state of relaxation, your body enables a deeper awakening and release of felt senses that can manifest into a most sublime, sensual & life enhancing experience.

Once your lower three chakras (1st Base, 2nd Sacral & 3rd Solar Plexus) have been engaged, surrender and trust becomes natural...and this is what can then take you on one of life's most inspiring & ecstatic journeys encompassing the body-mind-spirit connection. It's awesome & exhilarating to say the least!

The aim of tantric bodywork practice is to enrich all parts of your being by incorporating mindful touch in a way that exposes vulnerability yet reinforces your own capacity for growth, expansion and masculine/feminine empowerment. The more we can evoke your deepest acceptance of this alignment of energetic, spiritual/sexual forces - the greater your feelings of safety, peace, strength, virility and overall wellness.

For me, it is imperative that the Base & Sacral Chakras are given attention so that you may feel inspired to delve into the richness of your 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) which corresponds with feelings around self esteem, identity & success. This, you may not realise, is in fact where the most significant 'seat of kundalini energy' sits, as it correlates to the whole person.

Once subtle energy is flowing free within polarity of the masculine and feminine balance, my focus is to support you in experiencing a vibrational bodily felt sense of pleasure  - a transpersonal plane of nurturing & deep loving which may correspond with unspeakable feelings similar to 'happy, sexy, confident, light, blissful or simply non-stressed!

Transcendence has been described by many of my clients as exhilarating, as they begin to notice the simmering and tingling beneath their skin. There's an aura of peace and clarity, then once the energies are ignited, you may consciously bear witness  to your own deep unfolding as the  kundalini awakens - this is your gift and the ultimate in alignment, healing and expansion into blissful, body orgasm!

Tantric Bodywork 
for Healing or Leisure
(Men & Women)
90 minutes        $300*

*This rate is for current clients in session.

Those of you who fulfil the following - living with serious medical condition; stress & anxiety; on anti-depressants; experience sexual dysfunction; are under medical care, please call me to discuss your situation.  Keen to fulfil my obligation to support this group, I do provide concessions and a sliding scale upon discussion. 
 Simply want to chill & feel the thrill of body orgasm?
Okay, I haven't excluded you...
you're very welcome to explore sexuality peaks & valleys here!
Rates will increase from January 2015; non-negotiable.  
(not including clients in current session or those who fulfil the above health
& medical criteria.)
All sessions may incorporate tantric coaching or chakra therapy
Additional time is available upon request.

All sessions confirmed by telephone.
Therapeutic & Healing
Tantra massages can also be very intense & sensual. Whilst practicing tools such as breath awareness, this helps build connection and enhances your experience as energy centres in your body are heightened. With your permission I will engage you more deeply with breath & intuitively follow your body's response to energetic touch. Your body may awaken to deeper sensations and I will hold this space energetically, following your cues and focussing on your response.

Heart & Soul Nurturing
Be held in a way that allows you to relax, rejuvenate and feel loved as your spiritual wellbeing becomes the focus of gentle touch & hugging. Please do note that a one hour session tends to be more sensual in style given that tantric breathwork, yab-yum positioning takes a bit more commitment on your part.

Orgasmic / Sensual fulfilment
During these final moments in session, I will ask how you feel and whether you may like to hold the energy for a little longer as this is the aim so that you may experience tantric body orgasm. Some may need to 'release'  and YOU ARE FREE TO DO SO.


Intuitive and therapeutically trained, this session offers you a rare opportunity to relax, unwind - alleviate stress and pamper yourself, allowing me to deliver an experience which will not only enable men to sustain better, longer lasting erections but for both men & women can lead to being more self aware & secure in your own body (Sacral/base chakra healing).

Being more content & stress free (a healthy balance between mind & body) equates to having a healthier outlook on life. Having a great relationship with your self first means that you will be more capable of attracting more intimate, healthier relationships.

Please, do spoil yourself with the optimum in sensuality and divine self love....

*Longer sessions incorporate attention to breathing, focussing, meditation and heart massage. Also included is therapeutic discussion as there may be significant energy shifts. Requests for additional time will be considered depending on your experience, and we can cost this accordingly.

*Prostate massage additional, please request upon booking.

WOMEN: As a trained counsellor I am mindful that if you have experienced any sexual trauma or have fear of intimacy and this is your first therapeutic bodywork experience, I would prefer to work with you in an energetic healing session. I will ask to meet and discuss how comfortable you feel with being touched so that we may confirm boundaries.

 < I choose not to see couples for this session; instead focussing my energy upon one person as individuals respond more readily (more open & honest). Often a client may surrender and become vulnerable during a session, hence I wish to hold this space fully for your personal wellbeing>


Monday, 1 December 2014

Sex & Self Esteem

Finding your own Voice

Talking openly about sex so joyfully (and sometimes cheekily) as I do, there are still times when I find myself oppressed by the wider community; for example, it stings when people cast aspersions (an ignorant neighbour recently confronting me to make it known that I’m not so welcome – reactionary to my ‘coming out’ as a sex worker when I launched my book earlier this year), hence I cringe - withdrawing from the world to meditate.

However, I have chosen to take this and other acts of vision brokering plus projections from the less courageous or judgemental as a form of constructive enlightenment. Although challenging and at times filling me with some sadness, none of these situations have broken my heart. If anything, they’ve forced me to confront any residual doubt, casting a greater light upon my vision, ensuring that I stay focussed, embracing that which sustains me - to evoke a higher consciousness whilst deepening my capacity to support others in finding themselves as they become more orgasmic, sensual, loving human beings.

This is my directive and it’s incredibly fulfilling!

I am naked and transparent.

I live it.

I speak it.

I own it.

I can forgive and let go.

Many views have been shared with me this year and I’m pleased to have been able to provide a great resource; my book ‘Trust’ . People have come to see me, wanting to show that they are supportive and kind. They've acknowledged that it took a certain amount of courage for me to speak up about my sex work past and the sexual healing of shame.

I’ve written a lot over these past ten years; research compiled on my trusty laptop, along with  some ratty notes that still lay scattered upon my desk as I continue drafting my second book during moments of uninterrupted solitude (turning off the phones and marking these as ‘writing / Taryn days’); a rich amount of relational and sexual behaviour insights indeed! Some have approached me, suggesting I move into teaching or apply for a PhD. Intriguing really, but after a while it becomes tiresome having to justify this holistic spiritual path that I’m on right now. I will finish this second book; in my own time – my own way, as it is second to seeing clients. In the meantime I'm always aware that each of us is undertaking our own personal journey, therefore in this uniqueness that is 'you' , I can draw upon these experiences and impart with individuals during our meeting.

I want to BE present; loving and embracing the tactile nature of this practice.

I KNOW I have found my voice.

I’m clear that my role is as healer; as an authentic practitioner who feels so much more at home when honouring others in a private & safe environment. This is my creation; to be immersed in the ritual and celebration of sexuality through meditation, to provide transpersonal development of others whilst offering them ongoing support. When not in this space I make sure to debrief with my own healer, often spending a great deal of time in nature to recover energies that are utilised during session. The majority of my clients are also healers or coaches – few running workshops plus retreats in the wider communities they herald from.

‘Why don’t you run another workshop?’ Some ask.

‘Well,’ I answer. ‘It makes me feel drained; the energies of erratic busyness cajoling my inner tranquillity into submission.’

Here’s the thing that I’ve learned about myself. My body loves the good life. I’m blessed to be time rich and able to indulge in natural fresh foods plus time in the great outdoors. I’m sensitive; my life took a turn down this path because it rebelled against destructive commuting and erratic noise. My body becomes irritated by smog and chemicals which trigger adrenal surges that can take days to abate. I wrote about this in my book, and although adrenal fatigue is no longer an issue for me, I don’t wish to join in with the exhaustive aspects of life that run counter to the one I’ve since taken years to create and nurture for myself.

I don’t need to hold, belong or attend large events (Body+Mind+Spirit Festivals send me and a few other of my  sensitive empath friends into a spin due to the vast array of energies encountered).

This way of life began a survival strategy for me, and I’ve been fortunate in not yielding to external pressures to conform; managing to align with the beliefs that have set me free - yet of course it’s difficult for the majority to contemplate let alone sustain.

So there you have it. I’m right here where I’m meant to be. Holding the space with clarity and ease as is my purpose. This delightful field of sexuality and intimacy is didactic in that it is a creative collaboration between heaven and earth.

I’ve honoured ‘the sacred prostitute’; hearing the wounded & recognising the fear in others when they’re at a crossroads, contemplating a leap of faith in order to create a lifestyle that they desire, aware that I’m privileged to witness much expansion and growth. It’s often a tumultuous step to take for many as they begin facing their fear and insecurities often triggered through exhaustion or disharmony in certain areas of their life.

This cultivation of true purpose is an example of my own fragility in practice; thwarting the noise to follow any further academia or requests for article writing, I’m heeding my own inner voice as it gets louder. Spiritual enlightenment and ascension is building more quickly, therefore its imperative I stay centred – grounded and feeling well.  Intuitive, I'm always guided anyway.
As for our lovely world right now, I see the more that is written, read and perceived by the public about our sexuality and relationship needs, the more cerebral we have become. It’s getting way too confusing; disenchanting for few clients who’ve called recently. In their voice; in the language they’ve absorbed, I’m hearing so much analysis and conjecture; angst ridden that they still can’t get their act together when it comes to sex and intimacy, struggling with the fact that they’ve not felt any of this Kundalini energy & Tantra ‘thing’.

‘What can you do for me?’ They ask.

‘Get out of your head and into your body,’ I reply.

Life and change happens when you immerse yourself fully into the unknown.

You know the saying…’feel the fear’.
It’s when you can push past the knowing and surrender that you are more able to transcend the ego agenda and activate greater wisdom. Sit with fear, disappointments and pain. Own your aching parts and ask yourself this; ‘Have I become so enmeshed with info that I’ve not stopped to listen and check in on who I am right now?’ The more some of you are doing, the less you are being true to yourself. We are all clever human beings and as such we are able to over-ride the complex yet organic necessity of processing that these deeper nagging feelings of discontent are calling for.

So, if you are ready to get in to your body and re-connect more soulfully - I’m here to guide you; much more resilient and strong.

Dive in to your dysfunction; face that little nagging voice.

Source the catalyst for whatever is blocking your own awesome.

Follow your own calling and begin taking steps to build a more joyful future – one that you’ve secretly desired.

The ‘what ifs’.  The ‘who am I?’  Let them be seen and heard.

Let yourself acknowledge that which still feels broken. Make room for who you are right now. Remind yourself what it is that has you feel radiant and attractive; what it feels like to allow in love.

Stop DOING and start listening to your own inner voice.

Then once you’ve found your own voice - cultivate it.

This here is an opportunity for me to voice my gratitude. It’s been a big year, but if there’s another message I would like you to hear - it’s this:

Sex is spiritual & divine.

Spirit responds to self-love and a positive self-esteem.

Love is blissful.

Bliss is transcendental...... and this belongs to us all.


Taryn x

“Honouring your Voice” The Hero’s Journey – sessions available now!
Men & Women.
Prepare for the holiday season and step into 2015
with more vitality, passion and knowing your purpose.
Please call for details and to make bookings as these are 3 hour ‘Tantric holding, spiritual sex honouring & soothing’ immersion experiences – much like a day spa, only more for your body, heart & soul!)
Image; Kahlil Gilbran