Friday, 1 August 2014

WHAT'S NEWS? Taryn launches new tantric sexual healing sanctuary!

A new rate structure to ease you onto the conscious sex & intimacy path is available from today (Aug 1, 2014)

As a qualified counsellor and Tantric practitioner who infuses psychotherapeutic training with alternative somatic modalities, it's my mission to ensure all people may access the benefit of authentic healing and sexuality awareness; ultimately harnessing empowerment that leads to a more fulfilling relationship with one's own body-mind-spirit.

My aim it to embody western philosophies (mainstream psychology, science & structured sexual beliefs) and infuse this with eastern wisdom. I've been humbled by those callers, often suffering debilitating disease or transitioning through job loss and/or relationship separation, who are unable to afford tantric practice yet would most definitely benefit from the deep, soothing, spiritual/sexual tools that - infused with mindfulness and sincere dedication - will inspire them to surrender more fully into the space where not only may physical ecstasy reside, but where serenity, connection, safety, nurturing  and self fulfilment also exists. This energy is often dormant because many become overwhelmed with the noise that is urban societal living, therefore the ability to awaken what is unconscious becomes untenable. De-cluttering the space in one's ego mind and body supports opening up the portal to consciousness - thus harnessing new beliefs that create a positive mindset. This 're-birth' over-arches what one has always believed a healthy sexual lifestyle should feel like - and makes it a reality.

"By acknowledging that we are much more than just human's with sexual urges and the desire for sexual gratification sustained by the physical body and genitals, we come to know our self.  We are divine spiritual sexual beings, and by revealing our deeper longing and exploring our energetic aura, we can ignite a transpersonal connection with the emotional body - a portal in discovering how to own our true feelings and express our needs. In this gentle unfolding we can give ourselves permission to experience pleasure and most of all, we become empowered to own and embrace a deeper unconditional love and healthy sexuality."

In engaging more passionately with my purpose - that is, to take more of you along with me on this sublime, rich and extremely uplifting journey - I'm very excited to be able to offer my new session structure. There's no 'one size fits all' - we are all unique! See you soon.
Tantra Sydney session structure/rates
(as at 1 Aug, 2014)
      1. Psychotherapy (counselling), sex therapy..............$150/hour
      2. Tantra coaching, training, teaching session...........$100/hour
      3. Chakra clearing, spiritual & energetic healing.....$150/90 mins
      4. Tantra Bodywork session........................................$300/90 mins*

*Tantric bodywork sessions may incorporate therapeutic approach + sexological discussion
*Any additional bodywork time is $50/30 minutes

Are you either 18-25, unemployed, living with serious medical condition? Concessions available upon discussion.
All sessions arranged by telephone.
All sessions individual rate. Couples rates upon enquiry.


Friday, 25 July 2014

The Anticipation...50 Shades of Grey; a sneak preview is here!

Sexy or simply juvenile wet dreaming?

Let's take a voyeuristic look at what everyone's talking about...

Unless you've been on another planet over the past couple of years, you're well aware of the massive hype around the sensational trilogy that put Erotica back on the reader's digest table.

Yes, 50 Shades of Grey was a phenomena that sent all women (maybe a few men?) flocking to their local bookstores, linin up to order their 'decent' dose of 'acceptable' girlie erotica. Whilst marvellous erotic literature has been penned before, nothing has been quite as sensational as these books for putting BDSM and sexual fantasy out there in the public arena.

I read the first book immediately, albeit with a grin, and couldn't bring myself to get excited enough to bother with the others. But that's just me! I work in this existential field of sex, love etc.... and have written my own more explicit and somewhat exhilarating erotica, however I did enjoy this little tease of a movie trailer.

So what makes 50 Shades such a drawcard? It isn't an epic piece of literature at all, and the characters seem somewhat too naïve for most of us worldly types, but what sets it apart for me is its capacity to support the fantasies that many less than brave souls have no doubt harboured for eons. Yes; BDSM, being tied up (or down...whatevs), seduced, abducted, teased, smacked, whipped...(ok that's not my thing either) is all here for the amusement of the meek.

Anyway, that's just my little overview. Getting back to the trailer - here are two currently making the rounds. There's nothing like a little eros to keep us all on our toes (or hands and knees hehee).

Oh, and make sure you check out the tunes. Beyoncé sounds fab!

Have a tantalising, wild weekend everyone...