Friday, 10 April 2015

TRUST; A Reflection

A Year of 'Walking the Talk' on Sexual Healing & Tantra

It gives me great pleasure to share with you that it's been a year today since the launch of my book 'Trust'.

During this time I've witnessed that by writing and publishing my personal experiences plus insight and research garnered over ten years, not only has it changed the face of how many perceive sex within the paid industry, but also -  more importantly and in relation to the message I so intently wished to share - it has proven the power of communication around intimacy and the importance of sexual healing where there's been disappointment or trauma.

My clients have embraced the many facets of sexuality and relationships that I've explored in this piece, and over the last month there's been a steep increase in it's purchase - so thankyou!

I give a copy to my clients who are experiencing deep growth so that they may take it home as a resource after their session.

As I reflect back over the past year, I cannot believe just how far I've come; same can be said of those amazing people who've been courageous enough to step into this space and evolve.

Tantra is having a resurgence; sexuality is being acknowledged globally at a more respectable level for its valuable presence in our lives as humans with sensual souls needing to connect intimately and with joy.

My capacity to hold the space with more grace has expanded, and so has my perception of the human condition. Last year was hard; my own personal experiences and challenges deepening, but as my belief in human relating becomes strengthened; love deeply ingrained, I feel honoured in that it has given me the capability to draw others out from behind their masks.

There's no greater feeling than knowing what I can bring to the lives of many when at their darkest.

Of course, it's not all dark! I also find great comfort in that I can teach and empower those who are also holding great responsibility in the world in the area of tantric love making - tantric sex & holistic relationship practices. I enjoy these sessions immensely as they co-create the dynamic of balance which is vital in our lives!

The pleasure of accessing sexual energy in a way that infuses passion in one's life is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

As I've been saying, and as many can now appreciate - to breathe deeply and reconnect with our own sexuality in a positive, conscious way is so nourishing Healthy sexual experiences create a platform for healthier intimacy and happier people.

So in closing I'd like to say; Trust the journey as I have. Treat yourself to a loving, fulfilled life...and once again, thankyou for being a part of mine.

Love Taryn x



Friday, 3 April 2015

Being Real

Full Moon Eclipse; Energy, Evolution & Intimacy Revealed

Happy Ritual weekend of Ressurection everyone!

Yes, simply put - it's Easter long weekend and a time for many of us to have a micro rest. This weekend is also heralding an auspicious astrological cycle; an eclipse in Libra (the zodiac related to balance - thing equality; justice; yin-yang energies aligning for the higher good). 

So, if you're lounging around and reflecting upon relationships or lack of intimacy, take a moment reconnect with your body. Lay still & allow yourself to reconnect to the energy as it flows down from your crown - through breath, deep into the base of your spine - & notice the sensations that may stir. Become aware <conscious> of your thoughts, then let them go by replacing with feelings; what's your body telling you? Is it feeling pleasure? Desire? Or is there a level of longing for comfort? A hug? Hungry for food?

I went to a gathering last night where Sasha Cobra, a practitioner of bodywork visiting from O/S,  talked about conscious relating, & some interesting questions were raised. 

"What's 'conscious relating?'  Someone asked.

Her answer? "Be real".

Basically this means 'be in your body & connect intimately with the energy that is your life force...'

This is a good start for many :)

You see, Energetic 'Tantric' Body Work is a gorgeous way of introducing these practices into your conscious living. If you've not experienced your own sublime essence & then mastered your levels of vibrational energy - empower yourself now by beginning the journey today.

So, clear away your old beliefs; recreate ideal wholistic & supportive self values & make space for a much grander, delicious way of living & loving yourself & others.

Wishing you  a sensual weekend...