Monday, 14 April 2014

Relationships & Conscious Coupling

Intimacy versus Unconditional Love...when is it over?

Firstly let me just say hello and encourage you to 'breathe deeply', as we continue to navigate the choppy seas of change. For those of you on the path of spiritual sex and conscious love - expansion is happening at a greater pace right now!

Yes, there's a magnificent Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra 15 April 2014 which, exalted in Libra is all about 'balance / equality', meaning that many people are feeling edgy and a little more lopsided in their views around love, sex and intimacy these days.

What feels heavy in your relationship right now? How are you going with balancing love, sex and work these days?. Basically, being a lunar moon eclipse ( hidden / not ready to be revealed but no longer feeling tranquil) , everything is not as it seems, and anything that has been stuck, stagnant or unequal in the relationships area of your life is about to be dramatically challenged!

Can you sense the energy shift? Are you up for making changes?
Can your most intimate relationship (that being sexual - committed) continue in the same way or do you need to confront things that are no longer working, and seek out a new more equitable path?

Okay, don't panic. Let's look at the recent 'conscious uncoupling' by celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin plus Orlando Bloom and Mirandah Kerr. Change and relationship breakdowns happens to everyone but it doesn't have to mean an end to love. People still have to live, eat, look after the kids, enjoy life - or at least get back on track!

So, as you begin to face the powerful force that pre-empts endings, know that this doesn't have to mean pain. It can merely imply that by being aware of the forces of our natural relationships during our lifetime, if we can acknowledge where change is inevitable and accept that it's time to move on (or communicate that we've evolved, hence the relationship has to change or we're not allowing our loved one to flourish), then we CAN continue to love our partners in a way that celebrates our time together. By blessing them and letting them go, we can keep our hearts open and continue to live a more divine expansive live even fuller, and love even more once again!

Not sure how you can manage to survive through all this?

Please let's chat about arranging a coaching or counselling session - click here for more info..
Remember you're not alone. Relationships, sex and intimacy are integral for our wellbeing; it is the life and energy source for us all and support is only a phone call away!

Namaste x

Photo by Rudi Everts

Thursday, 3 April 2014 the beginning

What do you want to know about sex & sexuality?

Sex (& Intimacy) Ed Sessions 

Did you know there is a phenomenon known as 'saturn return' that seems to affect us, especially males, between the age of 29-32? Please click here for more astro overview!
These often the transitional years that see us shift from youth to responsibility & long term planning.  
  • Have you been experiencing a shift in your values & beliefs?
    • Do you feel ready for a more intimate relationship but don't know why you a) haven't met anyone? b) can't communicate your needs clearly? c) feel disillusioned & rejected? 
  • Maybe you don't feel comfortable with your own body, or lack an understanding of what sex really means either in a relationship with another, or in your own self exploration?
Okay then, Lets talk!  
You're not's a common theme I hear these days as the shift from carefree  'I have all the time in the world' experienced during 18-29 begins to transition into 'where did that time go? Help, I'm left on the no relationship shelf!'  or 'I don't really know what I'm doing!?'
Sex Ed Sessions are $100 / hour offered to 18-29 year olds ONLY (*clothed)
Are you looking for more experiential facilitation? 
Please call for more details and a discussion on what we can tailor for you.
(You may be ready to explore & incorporate Tantric Coaching, Chakra Therapy etc)

*Build healthy, open communication through verbal and non verbal cues
*Intimacy vs Sex - yes, there's a difference!
*Relationships are about friendships and partnering according to shared values & beliefs