Monday, 1 September 2014

Pleasure for Leisure

It's Springtime at last!

I’m sure like me, many of you will be pleased to see the winter chills abate – along with the heavy rains of late, although it has made for more leisure time indoors. I do hope you turned this into pleasurable, sensual exploration time?

When we are forced into space that sees us lounging around, it provides us with valuable moments where we can take the time to drop the 'I'm too busy/tired with housework/have footy practice' excuses and consider what our more intimate sensual and emotional comfort needs are. For many who are single, this could mean thinking about what it is you would like to attract into your life to form a meaningful relationship. Sexual attraction and chemistry is key of course; but what about self esteem and confidence? Are you confident in yourself to attract someone who is also confident - your equal, or do you feel a little unsure, hence always seem to attract a ‘needy’ lover who constantly looks for validation from you?

On the more physical (sensual) side, how do you like to seduce your lover?  Are you an honest communicator? This is also for you coupled up people also to consider. Do you feel relaxed when beginning the dance of foreplay? What is your approach when looking to open up the space for love making? Are you playful, engaging and vibrant? Is your partner so intoxicating that you’re naturally able to meet in that pool of sensual energy without fear or manipulation?

Knowing who we are and what we want isn’t being selfish or demanding at all. It can show that you’re assertive and encourages our partner to feel relaxed. They can trust that their needs will be bet because you’re open to discovering with them what these are. You too will then be able to surrender to their alluring advances. The slow, seductive and confident approach gives out the clear message that we are loving, that we have desire steadily and passionately arising for our partner, and this in turn will make them feel incredibly attractive, alive and ready to engage more intimately with you.

When we are able to stop, listen and observe what our emotional bodies desire, we are able to experience a level of feeling in the physical body as our senses become heightened. To embrace this depth of connectedness within ourselves, we can more readily connect more intimately with our lover. If you’re alone, begin by experiencing your own responses to touch, as you explore your genitals; women can lounge back on furry rugs, burn insense maybe or light a few candles, and slowly explore your own clitoris. See how it feels to your own touch – where feels best, and how slow do you need to go as the stirrings of an orgasm simmer. Men, there’s more to your penis arousal than happily fondling an erection. Tease yourself maybe with feathery touching. Blindfold yourself and play tranquil music whilst lounging amongst pillows. Don’t rush to reach the finish; be more mindful of the sensations in your belly and allow yourself to breathe in the heady rush without ejaculation even occurring.
Once you’ve mastered your own sensual cues for pleasurable leisure, then you will be more than ready to share these divine skills with another. Show your lover where you like to be kissed; maybe on the neck or in between the succulent crease of  your thighs! Watch each other carefully as you witness the delight in their eyes. It’s sure to make the heady days of spring something to look forward to!

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tantra, Yoga, Sex, Health & Better Loving Relationships?

Taryn says 'Yes!' Media coverage continues...

Thankyou for all the amazing feedback I've received from some of you over the past few months since the launch of my book Trust  in April this year. I'm grateful to the world for listening as I stood up and proudly talked about sexual healing and the long term benefits to our overall wellbeing.

Thanks to Mystic, Australia's own globally renowned astrologer for her gorgeous feedback too!

If you haven't read my book yet, there's more to it than just sex and the general romp that was my Escorting life. Yes, there's a part two that describes the many wonderful & ecstatic ways in which lovers - couples and singles alike - can engage in deeper love making through tantric practice and mindful meditation. Get used to this, everyone. Tantra is BIG when it comes to conscious sex and intimacy in relationships today.

Blessings to you all!
Love Taryn x