Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tantra with Taryn

Sexual Healing, Sensual Unfolding & Soulful Discovery is all part of the Tantric Journey


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0426 116 042
North Sydney, Australia
7am - 8pm by appointment

Tantric Body - work, play, sooth
My somatic massage approach encompasses mindful touch, breath (pranayama), meditation and energy activation. The intention is for a divine body-mind-spirit connection that promotes rejuvenation & empowerment through arousal + awareness, bringing unity to the masculine & feminine - balancing & nurturing aspects that reside in us all.

"Trained in shamanic journeying (transpersonal, deep meditation embodying your intention & purpose) this can be incorporated into your session upon request"

"With an extensive background in men's & women's sexual health, I have supported many in the management of sexual healthcare crises pertaining to the following; post operative treatment (prostatectomy, mastectomy, hysterectomy), sexual dysfunction, sexual abuse, fear of intimacy - advice & healing of past trauma where required." 
Men usually consider Tantra when experiencing....
Erectile Dysfunction,
Premature Ejaculation,
Prostate Health,
Performance Anxiety
Stress management,
Mindful Meditation made easy
In need of touch & intimacy 

Women often consider Tantra due to transition....
Sexual liberation & self care (body confidence, life cycles)
Ritual healing (birth, cancer care, abuse trauma)
Life change perspectives & integration 
(becoming single, menopausal, re-entering sexual relationships)
Self esteem & breaking relational patterns
Tantra, Sex & Intimacy Coach / Holistic Relationships CounselorSupporting individuals in exploring divine sexual union
Mentoring & guiding individuals in finding solutions for sexual-relational issues & practical guidelines + educational tools - dating, mating & relating
Expanding on sexual dynamics and foreplay finesse with Tantra & Touch techniques

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Chakra Balancing (energy restoration, clearing, healing)

"Attract the love you deserve & experience divine sexual awakening! we live in a time where aging is only defined by choice! To embrace abundance, passion, diversity & independence is what it means to be alive and vibrant in this 'New Age'

Spiritual + sexual healing + cord cutting + tarot
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Hero's Journey; Warrior Retreat

The Way of the Masculine Man

Coming immersion and rejuvenation retreat for the battle weary man

This session has been created based upon my experience with those struggling from PTSD & other deep seated self-protective behaviours. (Armouring, as it is known.)  although it's also greatly appreciated by all men making their way through this our unbalanced world. Many of you may also be healers, entrusted with even further responsibility. Whatever your role or position in this lifetime, know that you can always come back to your SELF through ritual and feminine holding.

Many men become detached; desensitized and lost when over-worked or pushed to their emotional/spiritual limits. Certain careers demand this of you, but what happens when you're with loved ones? How do you re-establish intimacy with a lover/partner/wife?

Rediscover your capacity to connect & feel. Open up to love; respond to touch; react to authentic desire!

Take off the armour. Put down your weapons. Strip of that cumbersome suit. Be free!

Integrative, nurturing bodywork; Tantra Masculine Retreat
" Invigorating! Powerful, reconnective and enriching on all levels!"
Earthy & profound nurturing of the masculine warrior.
Integrate with & greet the feminine.
Tantric bodywork
Heart & Soul nurturing thru meditation
Ayurveda consultation
Journey ritual 'reclaiming the masculine warrior' 
Collaborating with the divine yin-yang thru sensory therapy
Chakra balancing & healing

Call for more info and bookings.

This and other newly created sessions are currently underway; practiced mindfully with the intention that I engage more fully with the deeper nuances of the psyche & soul.

The dance between subtle energy, conscious awareness and unconscious searching is met here - honouring the body & all it's wisdom; intimately and with integrity for the individual on their path toward finding more meaning. I provide an opportunity to revisit, realign and recharge so that you may cultivate a deeper passion for life, ready to once again embark on your personal life Quest.

Surrendering without being submissive .... sensual without doing anything other than remaining fully present to the human existence; the naked body & soul.
The smouldering.
The calling.
The ache.
The need to be held.
The desire to be free!

"Trust your journey - come home to bliss & open up more fully to the loving you deserve"