Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Get Your Sexy Back

Sexual Health Wisdom

What is tantric sexual healing?
Because many people are living less than fulfilled, passionate and loving lives, they begin to experience dysfunctions; sometimes these may appear as something minor such as weight gain, or in more worrying cases it can intrude into their sex lives - leaving many feeling overwhelmed and confused when experiencing erection problems or premature ejaculation. For women, symptomatic prompts may be a lack of vitality or libido.
Why does this happen and how can it be 'cured'? Well, it takes getting to know your body all over again, and as we're all unique individuals the causes can be many so the practice of healing - or correcting - the problem is something we can streamline for your body and adaptive situation.
Here are some of the issues that face we humans functioning in a physical body that is pushed to perform daily.

Sexual Abuse, Fear of Rejection & Intimacy

Your relationship with self and others is an important essence of being connected in this world. Often fear of intimacy stems from certain trauma early in our lives, and it may hinder our future relationships. It’s often the case that maybe there are some deep seated issues borne from childhood - for example in relation sexual abuse in women; In 2005, more than 950 000 Australian women reported they were sexually abused before the age of 15. (Quadara (2008) Responding to young people disclosing sexual assault. Australian Institute of Family Studies.)

Over the years I’ve been seeing more men who’ve lived with sexual abuse for too long, often suffering broken marriages and living in silence with ghosts from their past. There’s no place for judgement or shame regarding any experience, and together we can discuss what your needs are to help bridge a healthier alignment of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
Our sexuality is a powerful force within us which is essential for expression of love. Its part of what drives us as humans to bond and procreate, and many cultures hold festivals for deities who uphold the very virtue of this joyful act. It’s good for the soul and extremely invigorating for your body, so why not embrace it? The very essence of being connected, not only with another being but also with ourselves, gives us so much more energy and joy. Sex is life and to embrace this energy will help you to lighten up and enhance your desire to live with passion.

Sexual Addictions

Compulsions affect approximately 6% of the global population. This figure is increasing with the ease of availability of sexually explicit material on the internet, and along with sex texting there’s the issue of trust and appropriateness. Are you aware of the repercussions of your actions in the long term, or have you felt betrayed or unsure about your behaviour? Is your partner feeling betrayed, and do you fear this has led to a sexual addiction?

Men’s Health

More than a million men in Australia experience Erectile Dysfunction, often as a result of stress and anxiety or because of poor diet and lack of regular exercise. It can be a difficult subject for men to broach but it’s an important issue and can be a symptom of other hidden health problems which you may not want to confront. In turn this may lead to lack of communication in relationships and invariably cause separation. SSRI’s known as Anti-depressants can also affect sexual desire and stimulation, and studies have shown that many men taking these medications experience a loss of desire.
There are other reasons for men to be more body conscious and feel relaxed to discuss openly any emotional blocks or concerns, as there is an increase in disease such as testicular and prostate cancers. Together we can discuss your fears or concerns, and where necessary I will recommend appropriate consultation with a specialist in the field of men’s health. In the meantime, consider Prostate Massage as part of our session; it helps alleviate built up toxins, not to mention the pleasurable aspect too!

Premature ejaculation is another difficult subject for many men to face, yet can be treated with exercises designed to help you learn control and different sexual techniques.  It’s my intention to be authentic, always acknowledging what appropriate action to recommend, depending on your situation and need. Breathing exercises and bodywork together will help alleviate anxieties, prolonging responses in the lead up to release

Women’s Health

There are many times during a woman’s life that can lead to poor health management. Often during pregnancy and post baby, a woman becomes tired and can often feel less desired. It’s also not uncommon to lose sexual desire altogether, and in some cases stimulation may not be possible. This can create an unspoken barrier between couples and in time this may manifest into feelings of anger. It’s important for your health to acknowledge these feelings and accept that being a mother can be exhausting, especially if you are working and have other children to take care of.

Also be mindful of the benefits of looking after you first. Maybe tiredness is making you feel depressed or you’re just ‘pissed off’ with everything, especially your partner. If this is becoming a constant mantra for you, then eventually you will have wasted a lot of energy and this may lead to serious illness. It’s important to talk about feelings, and to take time out for massage or any kind of pampering which can alleviate your body of all these ailments.

Good nutrition is vital also to help with good skin and bone conditioning. If you lose interest in yourself then down the track this may lead to disease, skin cancers or osteoporosis (brittle bones). Managing your health is essential. It just takes a few minutes to throw together a tuna salad at lunch.... slap on extra sun block..... You get the picture.

Menopause is another important time in a woman’s life. As we begin to age in a decade where we are more ‘aware’ of our longevity through positive health practice and in some cases ‘enhanced’ (i.e. botox) appearances, it’s important too that quality of life is embraced. We don’t have to be ignorant of the emotional rollercoaster that may ensue. Maybe there are some feelings of despair or disappointment (never married or had kids), or possibly life seems empty and you think ‘what’s the point’. It’s important to remain centred and realise your full potential may not yet have been achieved. Life is full of promise, no matter which stage we’re at, and if there’s difficulty with managing emotions then remind yourself you don’t have to go through it alone.

Intimate Relationships

I guess there are many aspects of being a man and woman I’ve already touched on which may lead to certain issues within a relationship. Of course we all know what’s also important is to talk about it; what do you need from your partner that you don’t feel he hears? By talking to someone other than your family or girlfriends, who are great at always acknowledging the crap times but not so good and offering constructive and ‘real’ solutions, getting an outside perspective may help you recognise certain aspects of your lifestyle that may no longer work and therefore gain better strategies for aligning new balance. Or it may simply be that what you expected in your relationship just doesn’t ‘fit’ with who you are anymore.

Sometimes people need a helping hand to get through difficult stages in their relationship. Taking the initiative to seek advice is the first step in releasing negative energy. The next step is to embrace the love and positive feelings you already have and begin to feel nurtured again.
Feel motivated once more to breathe life back into your partnership and be equipped to handle your energy levels to support your own needs first.
A great way to feel more into your body is through Tantric Bodywork (includes rates), and this can incorporate a therapeutic framework as outlined here in Counselling & Therapy  so that you may speak freely about your sexuality or sexual/self esteem concerns.
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Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Devil made me do it!

Owning Your Own Shadow

What does this mean in relationships?    


It's not always about love & intimacy; sex or sin (wow, haven't seen or heard THAT word in a while!)

When pulling tarot cards this week for clients, there's been an element of duality; a common theme. Tarot - for those of you who are novices - captures the lessons upon which the soul journeys through, within this our human lifetime.

It's a reflective narrative of our spirit & the choices or challenges we face as physical/ material beings - and how we master these lessons or where we stumble. 

So, getting back to this weeks thematic patterning, I've been seeing the lovers occasionally accompanied by the devil.

I see Duality.

Is this light & dark in conflict?
Is it about Love vs hate?
Choice to own ones shadow side?<not necessarily dark>

In my eyes & from experience this usually depicts human nature - the battle to hide from our own desires/fantasy, be it sexual or simply any other vice that had been deemed inappropriate; hence the lovers with archangel looking down upon the anima animus human being, (some say Adam and Eve before the fall).

This paired with the devil therefore often tells me the person I'm reading for is wanting to "do right/be seen as a good person " versus his/her shadow side needing to "be free/not fear their sexuality/not repress desires/ let go of co-dependency/OWN their true nature - regardless of what this is!" 

The Devil often depicts repression of true desires. 

The Lovers are hovering beneath the watchful eyes of the Heavens (Angelic - or God); it is brought to their attention that they are naked. Did they know this before it was pointed out? Did they feel  bad prior to being berated (or judged), or were they embracing their own simplistic sensations of the self; the joys of 'being drawn into a loving, sexual embrace"?

Uncomplicated before the 'chains of judgement' - therein lies the soul lesson. We have the Devil, chaining us to external beliefs about what is considered 'safe & acceptable.' To be joyful & freely unencumbered is condemned. To be naked and free to explore is to be banished from the fold. We will not be allowed to belong.

Belong where?

No more archaic notions here; you will not be banished these days, dear lovers!

We are evolving spiritual beings. We ALL belong to the Divine; we all dance to the tune of our own authentic self and we are masters of our own sexuality.

Yes we all have this element of shadow and guess what? It's not something to fear.

By allowing ourselves to explore and better harness these "devilish" aspects we can co-create within ourselves the harmonic energies required to love - and love more authentically; To create a more passionate relationship that is fully integrated with our being & allows us to embrace all parts in a way that can increase our will to live - because we've blended these rejected feelings with the highly mastered beliefs around what is sustainable and acceptable.

Yes, the devil can be that good!

So, do you want to have a reading? 
Would you like this to be incorporated into your soul sex therapy (tantric body journey)?

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