Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tantra, Yoga, Sex, Health & Better Loving Relationships?

Taryn says 'Yes!' Media coverage continues...

Thankyou for all the amazing feedback I've received from some of you over the past few months since the launch of my book Trust  in April this year. I'm grateful to the world for listening as I stood up and proudly talked about sexual healing and the long term benefits to our overall wellbeing.

Thanks to Mystic, Australia's own globally renowned astrologer for her gorgeous feedback too!

If you haven't read my book yet, there's more to it than just sex and the general romp that was my Escorting life. Yes, there's a part two that describes the many wonderful & ecstatic ways in which lovers - couples and singles alike - can engage in deeper love making through tantric practice and mindful meditation. Get used to this, everyone. Tantra is BIG when it comes to conscious sex and intimacy in relationships today.

Blessings to you all!
Love Taryn x




Thursday, 14 August 2014

Erectile Dysfunction and the Tantric Path

Suffering with Erectile Dysfunction?  

Don't get the're not alone.
So many emails I receive from men often describe the overwhelmingly frustrating dilemma of living with erection problems and how it is affecting their relationship - or creating fear around entering into one! Most often I'm the last straw when it comes to seeking help. An 'alternative' therapy option in what has become a very private battle on so many levels, I hear the frustration regarding conversations with doctors, (often not in-depth; the majority of men say they feel too awkward, embarrassed even -  doctor's aren't psychologists so they don't always make the time for an in-depth holistic approach), or disappointment when faced with the prospect of taking prescribed ED drugs for the rest of their sexual days and nights. Depression is often symptomatic.

Everyone want's to have a good sex life right up until the end, right? So, what are some of the other supportive measures that can be taken? As I've written about before, during my studies into men's health and subsequent experience in psychology, Tantra, body meridian therapy - energy & touch technique, I've found that in the majority of situations (say 95%) where there has been sexual dysfunction, the issues have been alleviated when function is restored through deep, somatic therapeutic practice.

In growing numbers, men are rediscovering the key to their ailment through reconnecting with their bodies, thus vitality increases and their sexual confidence and self esteem returns. It's not surprising then that through tantric bodywork & chakra clearing (energy centres within the human body...see 'chakra' page for more info), that function is given the green light, and a passionate sex life returns!

Tantra is a fundamental practice in that it may assist in healing the psyche as well as our physical bodies. For example, I've observed how it supports the recovery in post prostatectomy. How does this happen? Well, often when the situation seems so dire and mainstream medical and pharmaceutical options aren't completely satisfying, men will stop and reflect back over their lives and contemplate where they've neglected to confront other areas of dissatisfaction. We all do this when faced with such disruption to our sexual, sensual lives. Making love is an act of intimacy so sublime that to be distracted and diseased can impair our sense of self worth. Not only men are suffering in silence; many women (wives, girlfriends and lovers) also feel the impact of ED. Therefore after such an invasive operation, men more easily surrender to the concept of adopting a well balanced, healthier lifestyle that Tantra delivers.

I say to those who finally commit to their first session, (often only one is required if you're ready for the journey) that if you're keen to re-connect with your body as it heals, and can allow me to facilitate the re-routing of energy in your body, you will regain healthier function.

You don't really need to understand the art and science; merely trust the process as you experience change through touch, breath, mindful dialogue and dedication...remember, it's your body and your sex life that benefits!

What is Tantra Bodywork or coaching? See my website page links for more details.


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