Tantric Bodywork & Rates

Tantric bodywork  (experiential)

Why contemplate experiencing tantric 'somatic' bodywork?

Do you feel uninspired or lacking in vitality?
Have you felt unable to experience orgasm during sex?
Does your life lack the depth of intimacy you've always imagined?
Are you looking to awaken your senses and dive into sensuality?

How this sublime, transcendental session can enhance your whole life!

1. Liberate your sex life by confronting blocks & removing them; eg; partner sensitive to touch relating to illness, fear etc.
2. Relationship separation & low self esteem
3. Major life upheavals & transition (death, divorce, fear of intimacy & dating)
4. Need for touch & talk without judgement or sexual liaison (boundary respect & honouring)
5. Relaxation, restorative & integrative empowerment

As a trained tantrika, combined with my own 'mindful qi touch technique' I take you on a somatic sensory journey by first introducing a transcendental state of calmness & comfort. Once you've settled into the practice of peaceful surrender via meditation & breath, the process of body relaxation begins with the easing of energy gently up through your spine. Beginning from the base of your spine (root chakra), slowly the energy is encouraged to flow through up into your heart space. By guiding you into a state of relaxation, your body enables a deeper awakening and release of felt senses that can manifest into a most sublime, sensual & life enhancing experience.

Once your lower three chakras (1st Base, 2nd Sacral & 3rd Solar Plexus) have been engaged, surrender and trust becomes natural...and this is what can then take you on one of life's most inspiring & ecstatic journeys encompassing the body-mind-spirit connection. It's awesome & exhilarating to say the least!

The aim of tantric bodywork practice is to enrich all parts of your being by incorporating mindful touch in a way that exposes vulnerability yet reinforces your own capacity for growth, expansion and masculine/feminine empowerment. The more we can evoke your deepest acceptance of this alignment of energetic, spiritual/sexual forces - the greater your feelings of safety, peace, strength, virility and overall wellness.

For me, it is imperative that the Base & Sacral Chakras are given attention so that you may feel inspired to delve into the richness of your 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) which corresponds with feelings around self esteem, identity & success. This, you may not realise, is in fact where the most significant 'seat of kundalini energy' sits, as it correlates to the whole person.

Once subtle energy is flowing free within polarity of the masculine and feminine balance, my focus is to support you in experiencing a vibrational bodily felt sense of pleasure  - a transpersonal plane of nurturing & deep loving which may correspond with unspeakable feelings similar to 'happy, sexy, confident, light, blissful or simply non-stressed!

Once this aspect of transcendence is ignited, you may consciously bear witness  to an unfolding - the ultimate in alignment and expansion into blissful, body orgasm & kundalini awakening.

Tantric Bodywork 
(Men & Women)
1 hour              $250
90 minutes        $300*

*Additional time is considered upon discussion and experience
or may incorporate tantric coaching
Healing, Tantra massages can also be very intense & sensual. Whilst practicing tools such as breath awareness, this helps build connection and enhances your experience as energy centres in your body are heightened. With your permission I will engage you more deeply with breath& intuitively follow your body's response to energetic touch. Your body may awaken to deeper sensations and I will hold this space energetically, following your cues and focussing on your response.

Heart & Soul Nurturing
Be held in a way that allows you to relax, rejuvenate and feel loved as your spiritual wellbeing becomes the focus of gentle touch & hugging. Please do note that a one hour session tends to be more sensual in style given that tantric breathwork, yab-yum positioning takes a bit more commitment on your part.

Orgasmic / Sensual fulfilment
During these final moments in session, I will ask how you feel and whether you may like to hold the energy for a little longer as this is the aim so that you may experience tantric body orgasm. Some may need to 'release'  and YOU ARE FREE TO DO SO. See link here to understand why What happens during this session?


Intuitive and therapeutically trained, this session offers you a rare opportunity to relax, unwind - alleviate stress and pamper yourself, allowing me to deliver an experience which will not only enable men to sustain better, longer lasting erections but for both men & women can lead to being more self aware & secure in your own body (Sacral/base chakra healing).

Being more content & stress free (a healthy balance between mind & body) equates to having a healthier outlook on life. Having a great relationship with your self first means that you will be more capable of attracting more intimate, healthier relationships.

Please, do spoil yourself with the optimum in sensuality and divine self love....

*Longer sessions incorporate attention to breathing, focussing, meditation and heart massage. Also included is therapeutic discussion as there may be significant energy shifts. Requests for additional time will be considered depending on your experience, and we can cost this accordingly.

*Prostate massage additional, please request upon booking.

WOMEN: As a trained counsellor I am mindful that if you have experienced any sexual trauma or have fear of intimacy and this is your first therapeutic bodywork experience, I would prefer to work with you in an energetic healing session. I will ask to meet and discuss how comfortable you feel with being touched so that we may confirm boundaries.

 < I choose not to see couples for this session; instead focussing my energy upon one person as individuals respond more readily (more open & honest). Often a client may surrender and become vulnerable during a session, hence I wish to hold this space fully for your personal wellbeing>